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Moving is a tedious task that almost everyone dreads. Not only that it is a stressful process, but it also involves risk—especially when it comes to moving your furniture. You cannot leave it to someone inexperienced because of the high value both in monetary terms and emotional attachment. Hence, hiring professional furniture movers is vital. Here are a few things to remember when deciding to hire movers.

Ask for Recommendations

You might have someone in your friends or family who has moved sometime earlier or just recently. Ask them how they got their furniture moved and if their movers came through. Be it moving down the street or switching states, you should ask for recommendations.

It is not very difficult in this day and age—thanks to the expanding digital space. Even if you do not know someone who can help you with a recommendation, you can always ask people on online forums or your social media friends and followers.

Do Your Research

While choosing the furniture movers, do the proper vetting. Go for the movers with a good reputation and credibility. See if they have a proper website and have customers’ reviews. Try to pick a company that is in business for three to five years and has services that suit your needs.

You can also look up these companies on social media groups, as people have become quite vocal about their experiences on these platforms. Some companies offer references as well. Contact them and then pinpoint your choices. At this point, you need to be more concerned about a company’s credibility and reputation than their prices.  

Get Price Quotes

Once you narrow down the reputable furniture movers, check out the prices. If you have allocated a budget for the move, consider it while doing the cost and benefit analysis. The movers’ charges should not be the only thing to account for while choosing a company. Check the services offered by the company and then compare the quotes.

Look out for the hidden fees and clearly explain your needs while obtaining the quote. If you are not sure about something, ask. That is another way of determining the company’s credibility, as good movers are quite forthcoming when it comes to explaining their services. Moreover, tell them everything about your circumstances like whether your current and future locations have parking nearby.

Avail Insurance

Many moving companies provide insurance to their clients. As furniture items are of high value, it is better not to take the risk and get them insured. In case you avail the insurance, the company will be liable for the damages during the moving process. However, read their insurance policy carefully, as some companies only provide partial liability.

Some movers include insurance in the overall services, which means they will charge for it in the overall fee. Whereas, some companies offer it as a separate service.

Be Mindful of the Resources Availability

Go for a company that has an ample workforce available. Such companies prove to be time-effective. One tell-tale sign of whether a company has enough workforce is how long it takes for the company to take the call, respond to queries, and send the quotes. It indicates that there will not be delays in the moving process and the movers will follow the timeline.

Preferably, go for a company that provides 24-hour services, as they will turn up any time you call for. A larger workforce means the employees work in shifts and would not be exhausted if you call them at ungodly hours.

Taking into account the Logistics

Having a well-maintained, reliable vehicle is a sine qua non for a furniture moving company. It will limit the risk of damages or any untoward incident on the road. Ensure that their trucks get regular engine servicing and maintenance.

Consider the cost of logistics as well. Some companies just leave the furniture outside while others arrange it properly. The latter option is preferable, but if you are trying to save cost, you may have to go with the first option.

Always get the quotes or estimated cost in writing along with the details of any additional charges and taxes. Do not settle on a one-line price with no additional information.

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