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Looking for an office moving company in Ottawa or Greater Toronto area? Our professionally trained moving crew will move your computers and electronic equipment safe and secure. For an extra cost we can provide variety of moving boxes and wrapping materials for “do it yourself packing” at your convenience.

Office furniture
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Move-Ottawa Movers provides dismantling and assembling for your office furniture or workstations, as well as installation and reconfiguration in accordance with your new location.

What makes us best?

Commercial moving service

Office moving is different from residential moving. Office furniture and other equipment like computer devices need extra care. And that is why you need to hire one of the best commercial moving companies in the Ottawa and Toronto area. We have helped several businesses move to a new locations.

Making a commercial move?

Hire moving helpers to assist you out with the process. The professional moving companies have skilled staff with years of experience in carrying out a professional move. Whether it is an office, shop, or showroom, Professional movers have the right tools, expertise, and skills to ensure that every item is carefully relocated to its next destination. Have your office safely relocated. Request a quote today. We will create a customized plan that suits your budget. 

Call us to schedule a survey and plan your next move with us. We are happy to help.

Moving your office can be a hassle especially if you don’t have the right help. The best way to execute an office move is to effectively plan for it. Leaving planning for the last moment can turn your move into a disaster. Therefore, start planning your move weeks before the actual move. Take one room at a time to ensure everything is packed, towed on the truck, and moved.

The time it takes to move an office varies from office to office. It takes longer to move a bigger office as compared to the times it takes to move a smaller office. Generally, three basic factors govern the time it takes to make a move:

  • The type of office to be moved
  • The size of the office
  • The time it takes to search for a new space

Before moving a business, you should always have a plan in mind. Choosing a vehicle is the first step. Do you need a van or rental truck for moving? For the majority of business owners, it is impossible to make a move on their own. They need a moving company to help with the process of packing and relocating the entire business. While moving your business, the first thing you should do is hire a professional moving company with the skills and expertise to make the right move.

The cost of a commercial move depends upon the business to be relocated. Typically, a local move costs you around $100/hour. The full service which includes packing and unpacking services costs you around $130/hour. The cost is justified as the professional movers are equipped with the right tools and knowledge required to carry out a safe and timely move.

It takes anything between $5000 to $7500 to move a 5000 square feet office. This cost also includes packing, unpacking, assembling, and disassembling furniture. The cost might vary depending upon the number of items to be moved or relocated. For furniture, that is a little complicated to set up, you should be prepared to be charged extra.

Contact us to discuss your upcoming move in detail and get a personalized residential moving plan today. We have the right tools and resources to execute a smooth residential move.