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A cross-country move is not easy. In addition to going into an entirely new environment, you would be moving thousands of miles with your belongings. Moving is not a bed of roses—imagine having to cross the coasts while doing that. Apart from being daunting, this task also takes a huge chunk from one’s wallet. However, if organized in a strategic way, the cross-country move can be relatively easier and cheaper.

Here are a few things you should know when moving cross-country or long distance:

Cost of a Cross-Country Move

Moving can be expensive, especially when it involves switching countries. Its cost differs based on the size and amount of carry-alongs as well as the distance to be covered. Experts maintain that the cost of a cross-country move falls between 2500 CAD to 6000 CAD. You might have to spend even more if you have a large assortment of heavy items in your belongings. Here are few factors that affect the pricing of a move:

Size: The cost of moving relies heavily on the size of your belongings. If you are taking along heavy items, you would have to spend a higher amount than usual.

Destination: The moving cost also depends on the place of your new home. If you are going to a popular city and area with more amenities, the charges will be higher to move there. Similarly, if you are moving to an area far away from the main highways and roads, the move is going to cost you a lot more.

Accessibility: If your current residence is deep inside a locality where parking is unlikely or troublesome, you might have to pay more in this regard. This rule applies to both locating from and to places.

Season: If you are moving between May-September, you might be paying up to 40 percent more charges than usual. This period is the busy season for movers. Moreover, the beginning and end of a month are also busy for the moving companies. So, if you are planning a move on these dates, be ready to pay a higher amount in moving charges.

How to Prepare for a Cross-Country Move:

A cross-country move requires extensive planning and takes more time than an ordinary move. So, better start planning it as soon as you decide to move. Here are a few tips to plan for relocating to another country:

Create a List of Your Belongings: Think through the stuff you will take to the new home. This is the first thing you should after finalizing that you are actually relocating. List the stuff you would like to carry along and sort out the rest. Jot down the things you would sell, donate, and throw out.

Set the Moving Dates: Decide the day when you would be leaving your current residence. Take into account all the factors like whether there is some special event or occasion on that day which can influence your move. Moreover, try to keep your moving date flexible. Your movers might want you to do it a day later or earlier. The same goes for a moving-in date. Try to count in all the details when planning to shift to your new house.

Review Your Moving Policies:  Read carefully the moving-out policy to see if there are any requirements by your landlord. If you have to execute the repairs, it is wise to get them done earlier than the moving day. Similarly, talk to your new landlord and see if there are any insurance requirements or parking restrictions.

Inventory Your Belongings: Enlist everything you own along with its value. That way, you will know the overall worth of your move. It will come in handy when you decide on the insurance options. Craigslist and likewise websites can help you identify the worth of used stuff.

Set a Budget: Pen down the specifics of your move and set a budget. Factor in expenses like security deposit, cleaning services, mover’s charges, packing expenses, and travel expenses.Get Quotes and Book in Advance: Now that you have sorted out most of your move, it is time to approach the moving companies. Get quotes from different movers and compare. Price should not be the only motivation to pick a company. Focus more on which enterprise will cater to your specific needs. Read the customer reviews as well before finalizing a company. Make the booking in advance, as eleventh-hour bookings usually charge higher than usual.

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