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Moving to a new place entails many careful considerations. One of them is whether you should go for a full-time moving service or rent out a truck and execute the rest of the tasks yourself. If you have decided to go with the latter option, you have to think about which specific trucking service you should avail.

There are several packing supplies that you can choose from, such as moving boxes, trucks, or moving blankets. Box truck is the most common moving truck for both office and home relocation. Here is what you need to know about box truck:

What Is a Box Truck?

A box truck is the one you see quite often outside the apartment buildings. Also known as a cube van or straight truck, it is a popular choice for house moving. This truck is a little more expensive than a few other options. However, they make up for that in functionality and are cheaper than full-service trucking.

It is suitable if you have a bulk of belongings to transport. For instance, a box truck is suitable if you are moving stuff from at least one bedroom. While their traits may differ from company to company, they have these common features:

  • They have a separate box-like area attached to the cab where the driver sits. This box is the place where all the stuff goes.
  • It might have a sleeper bed or contain an additional storage area.
  • On some trucks, the box can be entirely separated from the cab.
  • Most of these trucks have roll-up rear doors just like a garage.
  • These trucks are suited for moving large items like appliances (refrigerator etc.) and furniture.
  • Box trucks come in multiple sizes and are not all large.

Renting a Box Truck

Box trucks are more suitable for urban areas and those having smaller roads. They have a smaller footprint and engine size when compared to big rig trucks. They can haul away 12.500 to 33,000 pounds of stuff, depending on the truck size. If you are planning a house or an office move, this truck is the right choice for you. It can ferry off your furniture and appliances without tanking your moving budget.

How Much Does Renting a Box Truck Cost?

The cost of renting a box truck varies based on the make and model of the vehicle as well as location and availability. Most companies charge per mile along with per day when the move exceeds 300 miles. The per-day charge is usually between $100-$500 CAD.

Things that matter when it comes to the prices of rented box trucks include the weight, size, and nature of your belongings. If you are transporting a piano or something valuable and delicate, the price may go higher due to added responsibility.

One tip to save up when renting out a truck is to be strategic during loading. Sometimes, people overestimate their requirements and book a bigger size than they need. Seeking advice from the trucking company is a good idea. Another thing you can do is pack up the cargo area properly. Start with the bigger, heavier items first. Load the beds, furniture, and couches first. Then put the rest of your belongings in the truck.

Larger or mid-sized trucks are suited for long distances and heavier cargo. If you are moving the stuff in a two-bedroom apartment, rent a medium box truck. If you have king mattresses, a small box truck is not going to work for you. This truck size usually comes with a small storage area above the cab. This compartment is to keep more fragile, small items.

Things to Consider

Here are a few things to consider before renting a box truck:

  • Enlist the stuff you plan to take to your new place. Then compare the size of trucks and trailers available. If the items are aplenty, fragile and heavy, (like machinery, PCs in case of office relocation, get a large-sized truck. Sometimes, the cargo trailer is bigger in size and would be a better option in the said case.·        
  • A box truck is a better choice when it comes to protecting the goods against weather or external pressure. If the forecast predicts rain on your moving day, go with the box truck.

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