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Long Distance Relocation/Moving Services

Move-Ottawa Movers provides long-distance moving services from the Greater Ottawa area to Greater Toronto Area (G.T.A) or Montreal. Any move that originates in Ottawa and the final destination is more than 70 Kilometers is considered a long-distance move.

Move-Ottawa Movers provides two options for all long-distance moves, flat rate binding quote or per hour plus charges per kilometer. Please visit our long-distance moving services page for more information.

For all long-distance flat rate/ consolidated moves our home or office estimation expert will visit your home or office and take inventory of your belongings. Move-Ottawa Movers will prepare a binding quote that will include all labor, equipment, travel, and other surcharges. Move-Ottawa Movers provides a flat rate (Binding Quote) for all its long-distance moves for your convenience. Best of all, all our binding quotes are final.

Please take a look and refer to the map for our current relocation/ moving service area.