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Hire affordable movers with a truck to handle your entire local move.

When you need quick, guaranteed moving help in Ottawa, turn to the pros. We have expert movers with trucks who will get your belongings where they need to be, safely and securely. You can put this stressful task on our shoulders so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our talented team is fully licensed to do even the toughest moves with care!

With MoveOttawa, there’s never a need to worry about how much it will cost to move. After you answer some basic questions about the move and provide your contact information, we match you with one of our extremely qualified movers who will give an immediate quote for moving your household goods. We accept all credit cards so you don’t have to worry about cash-flow restrictions too!

Do all movers provide the truck?

A full-service moving company like MoveOttawa can handle every aspect of your relocation. For example:

Our company will provide all packing materials and supplies. Packing tape, paper, bubble wrap, and boxes will be arranged. You won’t have to worry about buying anything yourself.

Your entire house will be packed up by us. Packing your belongings by yourself could take a long time. Our trained packers will quickly box up your items with care – saving you from the hassle. You can also trust them to pack delicate and valuable items, like art and glass, expertly and securely.

Our team will take care of loading and unloading. Your appliances, as well as all items you’re moving, will be loaded onto the truck safely. Then we’ll unload the truck at your new residence as well. Our movers will ensure everything goes where it should while you focus on settling in. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll do it for you.

How to hire movers with trucks?

Receive a quote instantly by entering a vehicle type, address, and date. Arrangements for assembly, shrink wrapping, and manpower can be made.

Our professional movers can take care of everything, from packing and driving the truck to unloading your belongings. MoveOttawa has been offering quality moving and truck services at affordable rates for over a decade. Homeowners and businesses in the Ottawa area can attest to that.