Moving helpers

MoveOttawa offers an affordable, handy way to have a crew of movers without spending a lot of money. Most people dread moving day. Moving can require days or weeks of packing, sorting, loading and unpacking – not to mention the commute required when you’re in Ottawa! Meet MoveOttawa, helping your move run more smoothly by[…]

Things to remember when choosing furniture movers

Moving is a tedious task that almost everyone dreads. Not only that it is a stressful process, but it also involves risk—especially when it comes to moving your furniture. You cannot leave it to someone inexperienced because of the high value both in monetary terms and emotional attachment. Hence, hiring professional furniture movers is vital.[…]

How much does it cost to rent a box truck?

Moving to a new place entails many careful considerations. One of them is whether you should go for a full-time moving service or rent out a truck and execute the rest of the tasks yourself. If you have decided to go with the latter option, you have to think about which specific trucking service you[…]

How much does it cost to move cross country?

A cross-country move is not easy. In addition to going into an entirely new environment, you would be moving thousands of miles with your belongings. Moving is not a bed of roses—imagine having to cross the coasts while doing that. Apart from being daunting, this task also takes a huge chunk from one’s wallet. However,[…]