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At Move-Ottawa Movers we provide an array of moving services that you can choose from according to your specific moving needs. If you do not find a service that you need please give us a call at 613.321.2062.

We can handle your rush move at night, on the weekends, even holidays at a surcharge please call us for details.

When you hire Move-Ottawa Movers you can rest assured you are hiring the best movers in and around Ottawa.

Residential Moving Services:
Tiny apartment or small studio, small house or large, the size does not matter, we treat all moves with care and respect, what matters is our customer’s satisfaction.
That is where Move-Ottawa Movers expertise is irreplacable. As the best moving company in Ottawa, our experienced staff will ensure the safe storage and/ or transportation of your belongings by professionally packing and stacking all items in a safe and secure manner. With our years of experience providing labour moving help, Move-Ottawa Movers has perfected techniques that have enabled us to maximize space, secure all items and in turn save our clients money and hassle.

Let Move-Ottawa Movers maximize your investment by professionally packing and loading your belongings in the moving truck or trailer. Move-Ottawa Movers professional expertise will make the task safe and simple. Call today or request an online quote and let us take care of all the details.

Commercial Moving Services:
Professionally trained moving crew will move your computers and electronic equipment safe and secure. For an extra cost we can provide variety of moving boxes and wrapping materials for “do it yourself packing” at your convenience. Move-Ottawa Movers provides dismantling and assembling for your office furniture or warkstations, as well as installation and reconfiguration in accordance with your new location.

Long Distance Relocation/Moving Services:
Move-Ottawa Movers provides long distance moving services from Greater Ottawa area to Greater Toronto Area (G.T.A) or Montreal. Any move that originates in Ottawa and the final destination is more then 70 Kilometers is considered a long distance move.

Move-Ottawa Movers provides two options for all long distance moves, flate rate binding quote or per hour plus charges per kilometer. Please visit our
long distance moving services page for more information.

For all long distance flat rate/ consolidated
moves our home or office estimation expert will visit your home or office and take inventory of your belongings. Move-Ottawa Movers will prepare a binding quote that will include all labour, equipment, travel and other surcharges. Move-Ottawa Movers provides flat rate (Binding Quote) for all its long distance moves for your convenience. Best of all, all our binding quotes are final.

Please click here and refer to the map for our current relocation/ moving service area.

Piano Moving Services:
Move-Ottawa Movers offers professional and economical piano moving services in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

We have moved hundreds of Upright and Baby Grand Pianos of various shapes and sizes for both the residential and commercial customers. Whether moving locally or regionally all the necessary precautions will be taken to ensure safe arrival. Click here for more details about Move-Ottawa Movers piano moving services.

Packing Services:
We will always provide you with quality service. For those of you who have special handling needs, we offer full expert packing, crating of antiques, and fine art, as well as special handling of your valuable office or home computer equipment. Packing services are billed at the regular rate of $90 an hour that is for two professional packers. Packing materials are not included in the hourly rate.

Move-Ottawa Movers takes exceptional care and pride while moving all of your household and office items. We will do our best to ensure your items arrive safely. In the event of a mishap, our policy is to handle it as quickly as possible and to keep each and every customer 100% satisfied. Please check out Move-Ottawa Movers Content Protection Policy for details.

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Trained packers/ movers will prepare and pack everything from china or delicate artwork to bulky and heavy items. For an extra cost Wrapping materials and special containers are available for any moving occasion, as well as crating for specified items. Experienced Move-Ottawa Movers will take care of your possessions and your property while loading and unloading, specially designed, fully equipped moving trucks to provide more safety and security to your belongings.
Labor Only Moving Help

Move-Ottawa Movers provides labour moving help in loading or unloading trucks or trailers or labourers to assist with an internal move. At Move-Ottawa Movers our professionally trained and experienced packers will ensure that all your goods are packed using the highest quality packing materials and techniques that ensure safe storage or moving of your valuable belongings.

Packing your goods properly does not necessarilly make them safe during transportation or storage. It is very important that all professionally packed items are stacked properly in the truck or trailer.
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Move-Ottawa is a proud observer of Good Practice Guidelines by Industry Canada.
Move-Ottawa Movers is located at 70 Bentley Ave. Suite 207, Nepean, ON K2E 6T8. Move-Ottawa Movers an Ottawa moving company serving residents of Ottawa.
Move-Ottawa Movers provides moving services from Greater Ottawa to Greater Toronto, Montreal & Cities in between & consolidated moves from Toronto to Ottawa
Our moving company provides the following services
. Residential Moving
. Moving Help for Packing,
.. Loading/Unloading
. Commercial Moving
. Local Moving
. Packing Services
. Long Distance Moving
from Greater Ottawa to Greater Toronto, Montreal & Cities in between
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