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Move-Ottawa Movers provides long distance moving services to and from the Greater Ottawa area to Toronto, the G.T.A, Montreal and Kingston. Please refer to our service area map for a detailed list of cities that are serviced by Move-Ottawa Movers.

Any move that either starts or ends more then 70 Kilometers from the Move-Ottawa Movers office in Ottawa is considered a long distance move. All long distance moves are charged based on the time required to load and unload the truck at origin and destination points, plus travel charges.
By charging travel at a rate per kilometer instead of actual travel time. Move-Ottawa provides true peace of mind for its customers, as there is no need to worry about how long the drive will take due to poor weather conditions, accidents, and detours. Move-Ottawa Movers is unlike most long distance moving companies as we do not charge anything above and beyond the charges stated above. There are no hidden costs involved and all charges are clear and simple, charges are not affected by the weight of the move. Hence you will not have any surprises at the end of your move.

Move-Ottawa Movers also offers consolidated moves to Kingston, Bellville, Toronto, Montreal and the GTA several times a month. If the timing of your move is not date specific, it may enable Move-Ottawa Movers to offer a consolidated service. This will allow you to share the cost for travel time with one or more customers. This will also apply if Move-Ottawa Movers is able to syncronize a return move from the city of your destination.

Move-Ottawa Movers has prepared a sample moving rates page that will help you clearly understand the two different options offered for long distance moving and their price structures. Please click here for more information.

Please click here to get an estimate for your move.
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Move-Ottawa is a proud observer of Good Practice Guidelines by Industry Canada.
Move-Ottawa Movers provides moving services from Greater Ottawa to Greater Toronto, Montreal & Cities in between & consolidated moves from Toronto to Ottawa
Our moving company provides the following services
. Residential Moving
. Moving Help for Packing,
.. Loading/Unloading
. Commercial Moving
. Local Moving
. Packing Services
. Long Distance Moving
from Greater Ottawa to Greater Toronto, Montreal & Cities in between
Move-Ottawa Movers bills travel charges for long distance moves at a rate per kilometer one way based on the size of the truck. This travel charge covers the cost of getting the moving crew to the job, travel between origin and destination, refuelling, and returning to the office when the delivery is completed.
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Move-Ottawa Movers is located at 70 Bentley Ave. Suite 207, Nepean, ON K2E 6T8. Move-Ottawa Movers an Ottawa moving company serving residents of Ottawa.